Ukraine. November 2022

Strong and symbolic photos of what is happening in Ukraine and unite Ukrainians              
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November 11th. Ukraine regained Kherson. Freed from the occupation, Ukrainians rejoice in the central square
A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the border with the Kherson region
On the Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine, the largest state flag in the history of Ukraine was unfurled in the Chernihiv region

350 craftsmen, some of whom were evacuated abroad, were involved. Thus, fragments of the flag were spun and woven in Poland, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada and reunited in Ukraine. The names of Ukrainian cities and important symbols of our history are woven into the flag. If you unfurl the flag, the length of the whole thread will be more than 700 km - this is the distance from Chernihiv (central Ukraine) to Kherson (southern Ukraine)

The girl who died in the Russian terrorist attack in Vinnytsia on July 14
Little daughters on the graves of their fathers who died defending their families and country

The girl who, on October 17, went to a peaceful rally outside the Iranian embassy in Kyiv, demanding an end to the supply of Shahds to Russia.

Kyiv, Independence Square. Alley of flags, where each flag symbolises a soldier who died in the war.

A soldier of the International Legion who is a Canadian citizen and is fighting. In Ukraine against the Russians.

When the Russians occupied one of the villages in the Kharkiv region, one of its residents hid a Ukrainian flag in a bank and buried it. After the village's liberation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received information about the treasure's location and dug it up.

In Ukraine, the power supply is permanently turned off, and people are locked in elevators for 4 hours

Therefore, the residents of the buildings leave packages with water, medicine, flashlights and snacks for each other in case of a 4-hour sitting in a de-energized elevator.

A stamp from the national postal operator of Ukraine, "Ukrposhta", dedicated to the de-occupation of Kherson. Watermelon is a symbol of Kherson since this city is located in the subtropical part of Ukraine, and it is there that the sweetest fruits of Ukraine grow.

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