Ukraine Officially Issues COVID-19 Certificate

Friday, July 2, 2021
Ukraine Officially Issues COVID-19 Certificate

From July 1, Ukrainians can receive COVID-19 certificates — international documents with confirmation that their owner is not a carrier of coronavirus

The corresponding decree was published on the website of the cabinet of ministers.

What is a COVID-19 certificate?

It is a document that will be issued under one of three conditions:

  • If you have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine (the period of protection will be 180 days for the certificate, defined by the country of the format);
  • If you have a negative PCR test (period of validity is 72 hours from the time the sample is taken);
  • If you have had COVID-19 and this data is entered into the electronic health system (valid for 180 days from receipt of laboratory confirmation).

The COVID-19 certificate will contain the following information:

  • surname, first name of the owner in the Ukrainian language;
  • date of birth of the owner;
  • the unique number of the certificate;
  • finite date of certificate validity;
  • photo of the certificate holder.

COVID-19 certificate will exist both in electronic and paper form.

On June 26, "Ukraine and the European Union will agree on mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates," said the deputy head of the ministry of health Yaroslav Kucher.

On June 29, Ukraine began testing coronavirus vaccination certificates.

The EU Council and the European Parliament have agreed on the introduction of uniform vaccination certificates in the European Union. Green Passports will be valid from July 1, 2021. Fully vaccinated EU medically certified holders of such a passport will not be denied entry to the EU for medical reasons.

The government assured that Ukrainian certificates will meet all EU standards, which will allow Ukrainian citizens to resume travel to EU countries.


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