Ukraine — One of the Most Mined Countries in the World

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 15, 2022
Ukraine — One of the Most Mined Countries in the World

Due to the war, more than 10% of the sown area of ​​the agricultural country will not be used due to the occupational mining of fields

“Ukraine is one of the most mine-contaminated countries in the world. Even before the ongoing military offensive, over 1.8 million people were already living surrounded by mines for 8 years,” OCHA Ukraine tweeted.

Mined are only those territories on which the occupier has set foot. Mines of different calibers and varieties are found not only in the places of battles but also in the cities themselves. Before leaving the Ukrainian cities, the Russians left a lot of banners in apartments, playgrounds, and squares. Every day, the State emergency service and the Bureau of sappers are demining the territories, but security is still high.

"Indeed, about half of the occupied, liberated territories or where hostilities continue, there is a risk of mining. This does not apply to the entire territory of Ukraine. If these areas are estimated within the entire state, then this can be up to 10% of the sown area. The risk remains high the fact that we may not have time to physically clear them and use them for the sowing campaign this year", deputy minister of agrarian policy Taras Vysotsky.

On this article's cover, you see Patron dog, a pyrotechnician of the Chernihiv State emergency service.

“This dog is only two years old, and he has already managed to become a mascot! The whole country knows four-legged pyrotechnics. His nickname suits him very well because, as befits a patron, he quickly and accurately neutralizes a hostile target. Helping our sappers, since the beginning of the war, Patron has discovered about 150 explosive objects,” the Chernihiv emergency service reports on its Facebook.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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