Ukraine Opens New Railway Hub

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 23, 2022
Ukraine Opens New Railway Hub

"Ukrzaliznitsia" trains will run to Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia

On the site of the state railway carrier, Ukrzaliznitsia reported on the established cooperation with several other countries. Now residents of Ukraine from the north, east, and west, have the opportunity to go to Hungary, Slovakia, or Austria. Ukrainian trains will run from Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. Several routes will cover 11 regions of the country. The final stop in Ukraine is a city in the western part of the country — Chop. There is an organized transfer point on international trains. Ukrainians can go to Zahony, Budapest (Hungary), and Cierna Nad Tisa (Slovakia).

From December 11, from Ukraine to Austria will launch the first trains to Vienna. They will pass from Vienna to Chop. There will also be an indirect route where the Austrian train will pass through Kosice (Slovakia) to Chop.

Talks are also underway to expand the railway hub. Ukrzaliznitsia will establish cooperation with the Czech carrier to set up the course at Prague-Chop.

Note that Ukrzaliznitsia tries to return Ukrainians to the comfort of travel after the Russian occupiers destroyed the usual life. Earlier, Ukrainians could go wherever they wanted with the help of planes. Now in the sky, only military objects. Therefore, the national rail carrier is opening new pages of work. In the summer, Ukrzaliznitsia announced routes opening to Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria.

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