Ukraine Overcame the Energy Chrisis

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 3, 2023
Ukraine Overcame the Energy Chrisis

Crisis In the energy system surplus, imports fell by 95% compared to March 2023

The threat of shutdowns across Ukraine and its individual regions has passed. There are no more fan and hourly outages across the country. Ukrenergo has a surplus on its balance sheet, and Ukrainians have hidden generators and candles. Electricity imports from other countries, particularly Slovakia and Moldova via ENTSO fell.

Compared to March 2023, imports have decreased by 95% and now amount to only 7.000 MWh: 5,500 MWh from Slovakia and 1.500 MWh from Moldova.

In February of this year, the share of imports from Slovakia was 96% (36.500 MWh), and now, in April 2023, it is 77.6%. The most enormous batches of imports were on March 11-12 and 25-26, when the price of electricity on the Slovak market fell, and the base load at the end of the month on the Okte exchange fell to €30.52/MWh. According to Ukrenergo, in March the range of imports from Slovakia reached 500 MW, but Ukraine did not buy the entire crossing, as it was unnecessary.

Ukraine also bought 5.300 MWh from Moldova in February.

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