Ukraine Post Prepares for Unmanned Freight Delivery

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Ukraine Post Prepares for Unmanned Freight Delivery

"Nova Poshta", which is engaged in cargo delivery, intends to attract unmanned aerial vehicles to its routes. Earlier the company tested the technology but now it is not a toy drone but a full-fledged plane, reports Channel 24

Co-founder Viacheslav Klimov told about it at the Forum of innovative" rel="dofollow">enterprises.

Nova Poshta — a company that provides express delivery of documents, goods and parcels. The company was founded in 2001. Now the network of Nova Poshta has more than 6 000 outlets throughout Ukraine.

The company has been testing unmanned delivery technology for a long time. Earlier, Klimov said that Nova Poshta may have an engineering company that will deal with delivery by drones. Experts are now conducting the necessary tests to establish the level of perfection of the technology. The small airplane will deliver goods between Ukrainian cities as quickly as possible.

"We are testing. We will fly from Kyiv to Kharkiv on a cargo unmanned aircraft. I'm sure we will land safely," Klimov said.

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