Ukraine Prepares for a Counteroffensive

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 1, 2022
Ukraine Prepares for a Counteroffensive

The UK to nearly double military support to help Ukraine launch a counteroffensive against Russia

Boris Johnson announced another weapons package for Ukraine, which will be the first step for the transition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from defense to offensive operations to restore sovereignty. According to Bloomberg, the £1bn package will include: "air defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare equipment and thousands of pieces of vital gear for Ukrainian soldiers," his office said in a statement. email application."

"The UK's weapons, equipment, and training will transform Ukraine's defense against this attack," Boris Johnson.

With this tranche, Britain's cumulative support is £2.3 bln since the start of the war, making the kingdom of Ukraine's biggest stronghold after the US. The UK will also train Ukrainian soldiers.

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