Ukraine Production of Coronavirus Vaccines

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Ukraine Production of Coronavirus Vaccines

The deputy minister of health said that Ukraine would be looking for a vaccine against the largest epidemic in recent years

In 1987, for the first time, people received a vaccine against a deadly disease, the plague. Soviet scientists worked on it in American laboratory conditions. Today, perhaps, the moment has come again when the dangerous illness will be eliminated, originating from southeast Europe.

Ihor Kushyn, deputy minister of health of Ukraine, reported plans to fight the coronavirus. Developing a vaccine of its own was described as a new and impressive step. Already in 2022, Ukrainian scientists in the best laboratories of the country will start to search for compounds that help to fight Covid-19.

The composition of the vaccine should be sparing but effective. Kushyn notes that the development of such a vaccine will begin in February. The process will start in several places. Two scientific teams will look for a cure: Professor Komysarenko’s team and Sybyrnyi’s academician.

We note that Sybyrnyy Andrii, whose team will take part in a significant project, nowadays is the director of the Institute of cell biology of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine. The second team will be headed by Serhii Komysarenko – who is a scientist-biochemist, as well as academician-secretary of the Department of biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology of the national academy of sciences of Ukraine.

Several private organizations have shown interest in finding a cure for all species of Covid-19.

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