Ukraine Ranks 18th in Global Fire Power 2024’s Most Powerful Armies

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Ukraine Ranks 18th in Global Fire Power 2024’s Most Powerful Armies

In the latest Global Fire Power 2024 rating, Ukraine is ranked as the 18th most powerful military in the world, a drop of three places compared to the previous year

This information comes from the project's website, which evaluates 60 different categories to determine a country's military strength.

These categories range from the number of military personnel and the country's financial health to logistical capabilities and geographical factors. Positioned between Israel (17th) and Germany (19th), Ukraine has a power index score of 0.2598, where a lower score indicates greater military power (0.0000 is considered ideal).

The rating highlights that Ukrainian military power is bolstered by the financial and material support from Western allies, especially the United States. February 2024 marks two years since the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

However, Ukraine's military strength has limitations, particularly in its Navy and Air Force. The country lacks aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, submarines, and destroyers. Additionally, its fleet of naval drones is not factored into the ranking.

The top five most powerful armies according to the rating are:

  1. USA — 0.0699
  2. Russia — 0.0702
  3. China — 0.0706
  4. India — 0.1023
  5. South Korea — 0.1416

In related developments, Ukraine recently deployed the ShaBlya robotic turret, a first-of-its-kind remotely controlled combat module, operational since September 22, 2023, as per the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. This ranking and the ongoing developments in military technology reflect the evolving nature of global military capabilities.

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