Ukraine Received 8 “Leopard 2”

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Ukraine Received 8 “Leopard 2”

The general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed about the landing of "Antonov" with tanks from Norway 

On March 20, the general staff announced receiving military assistance from Norway — 8 units of Leopard 2 tanks, auxiliary vehicles, supplies for ammunition, and spare parts. Soon these battle tanks will be sent to the front. Members of the Ukrainian army are already being trained in Poland in managing the 3rd generation of tanks as part of the European Union's military assistance mission.

Recall that Norway joined the international initiative to transfer German Leopards in late January. The units had already arrived in Ukraine in the second half of March. 

The general staff of the AFU thanked Norway for its support and logistical assistance. Additionally, Oslo has become one of the training sites for Ukrainian servicemen, medical workers, shooting experts, and pyrotechnicians.

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