Ukraine Received a Batch of “Zuzana-2” Howitzers

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 3, 2023
Ukraine Received a Batch of “Zuzana-2” Howitzers

The self-propelled artillery was bought in cooperation with Norway, Germany and Denmark

Norway, Germany and Denmark are involved in strengthening the Ukrainian army. By the end of 2024, these allies committed to hand over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 16 self-propelled Zuzana-2. On 1 August, it became known that Kyiv received the first 2 units.

The wheels artillery has 155 mm calibre and 40 rounds of ammunition in a combat kit, automatic charging system. This allows the military to actively advance along the highway and rough terrain actively, working in enemy positions 6 times a minute. All the installations received by Ukraine are new, built within the framework of the support program. Slovakia, therefore, participated in the solemn transfer of Zuzana-2. Slovak prime minister Ludovit Odor took part in the handover ceremony in Dubnica nad Vahom.

Similar agreements have been concluded between Washington, Bulgaria and South Korea. Ukraine's allies will supply ammunition. In addition, Financial Times reports that the US government is now discussing cooperation with Japan to strengthen the military force of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. What partners can supply in Ukraine is not reported.

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