Ukraine Received Nearly 500.000 Tons of Humanitarian Cargo

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 2, 2022
Ukraine Received Nearly 500.000 Tons of Humanitarian Cargo

From February 24, tons of medical supplies, food, clothing and footwear for soldiers and about 20.000 vehicles were received from international partners

Acting state customs service of Ukraine Vyacheslav Demchenko said that humanitarian cargo for Ukraine is transferred through customs without a queue. This became possible due to the fact that Ukraine has simplified the procedure for crossing the border for humanitarian vehicles.

"From the very beginning, we promptly responded to any information and comments from both volunteers and our military and citizens in need of humanitarian assistance. We held joint meetings with volunteers to improve the work of customs and speed up the passage of goods and vehicles imported for the needs of the army," Vyacheslav Demchenko.

We remind you that the Government of Ukraine has adopted a draft law on amendments to the customs code. Updates to the code are necessary for the implementation of NCTS and the expansion of the implementation of the customs legislation of the European Union.

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