Ukraine Receives “Archer” SPG From Sweden

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Ukraine Receives “Archer” SPG From Sweden

12 howitzers of 155 calibre will be transferred to Ukraine soon

In August 2022, during an international conference on the security of Ukraine in Copenhagen, Sweden for the first time announced its readiness to transfer the Archer self-propelled guns to Ukraine. Representatives of more than 20 states attended the conference, and at the proposal of Sweden, Poland, Slovakia were ready to help with the production of weapons for Ukraine.

On January 19, Swedish foreign minister Tobias Billstrom announced that the Archer manufactured by BAE Systems for Ukraine is ready for shipment. Probably, the party will include 12 units. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also will receive 50 heavy vehicles SM90 and 57 anti-tank robots NLAW.

Archer — self-propelled guns with a 52 calibre barrel and 155 mm shells. Almost completely automated and digitalized. A crew of 3 people only charges the installation, after which it automatically determines the target and shoots. A full ammunition load of 21 rounds is fired in 3.5 minutes. Sweden also gave Ukraine a considerable amount of warm winter equipment for soldiers, warm tents and bags. This helped protect Ukrainian defenders from frostbite and cold death.

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