Ukraine Receives €200 Mln From Lithuania

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 28, 2023
Ukraine Receives €200 Mln From Lithuania

The government of the state agreed on a 3-year plan of military support for the Ukrainian army

On 24 July, a plan was approved to purchase military equipment for Ukraine: lethal and non-lethal means, military training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, repair of military equipment, etc. The Lithuanian state defence Council said that it would allocate €200 million from the budget and thus support the priority needs of the defenders of Ukraine. This amount will be divided into 3 years, from 2023 to 2026.

The press service of the Ministry of defence of Lithuania informs that this plan is accepted for the accelerated delivery of weapons, assistance in the treatment of the military, and advice on the accession of Ukraine to NATO. In addition, a long-term package of financial aid for Ukraine's military needs will not affect the budget of the allied country.

"It is planned that the funds returned to Lithuania for the support provided to Ukraine under the European Peace Fund will return to the field of defence, thus not slowing down the development of national capacity and directing these funds to support further the Ukrainian army," Lithuanian defence minister Arvydas Anushauskas. 

From the first days of the war, Lithuania has helped Ukraine to strengthen its military force. According to Anushauskas, the country has already allocated about €500 million to rehabilitate the Ukrainian military, purchase equipment, and train. Now the Baltic country actively lobbies the interests of Ukraine and the world in grain export and calls on the European Commission to strengthen the transport route between Ukraine and the countries near the Baltic sea.

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