Ukraine Receives Experimental American Weapons: A First in Combat

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 24, 2024
Ukraine Receives Experimental American Weapons: A First in Combat

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun testing the 105-mm self-propelled gun 2-CT Hawkeye in active combat, marking a significant milestone as this weapon system is still in the pre-adoption phase for the United States Army

This was confirmed by Mike Evans, the director of the AM General program, as reported by Defense Blog.

Introduction of the Hawkeye Self-Propelled Gun

In April 2024, Ukraine received the 2-CT Hawkeye Mobile Howitzer System. By early May, it was already being tested on the battlefield. Ukrainian soldiers underwent a rigorous two-week training period followed by a week of intensive testing. Notably, these tests are taking place in real combat scenarios, providing invaluable data on the weapon's performance under actual combat conditions.

Development and Specifications

The 2-CT Hawkeye was developed in 2019 by AM General and Mandus Group. By 2021, the U.S. Army had commissioned the production of two units specifically for testing purposes. The howitzer integrates the M20 cannon with SRT (soft recoil technology) onto a Humvee platform, enhancing its durability and operational effectiveness.

Key features of the 2-CT Hawkeye include:

  • Modern Digital Fire Control System: This allows for rapid deployment and precise targeting.
  • Deployment Speed: The system can be operational within 90 seconds after stopping.
  • Rate of Fire: Capable of firing 8 rounds in the first three minutes.
  • Range: Maximum firing range is 11.6 km with conventional shells and 19.5 km with rocket-assisted projectiles.

The main tactical advantage of the Hawkeye is its ability to quickly fire multiple rounds and then relocate, minimizing exposure to counter-battery fire—a crucial capability in modern warfare.

Additional Developments in Ukrainian Defense

In addition to the Hawkeye, Ukrainian experts, with U.S. assistance, have developed new hybrid air defense systems (ADFs). These systems integrate Western and Soviet-era technologies to enhance defensive capabilities. One hybrid system combines Buk launchers with Sea Sparrow missiles, while another integrates Soviet radars with Sidewinder missiles.


The introduction of the 2-CT Hawkeye and other advanced defense systems underscores the ongoing collaboration between Ukraine and its Western allies. These developments not only bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities but also provide real-world testing opportunities for cutting-edge military technologies. The deployment and testing of these systems in Ukraine could significantly influence future U.S. military procurement and operational strategies.

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