Ukraine Send 40 Peacekeepers to Congo

Friday, July 16, 2021
Ukraine Send 40 Peacekeepers to Congo

20 peacekeepers will be from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, another 20 combined from the National Police and the National Guard

Since 2013, every July 15, Ukraine celebrates Peacekeepers Day. In this regard, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, peacekeepers were sent to Congo.

Since December 1, 2012, a separate helicopter detachment of the Ukrainian Air Force has been part of the UN peacekeeping mission. The main tasks of the Ukrainian peacekeepers are transport, fire support for ground forces, air escort of the Mission, reconnaissance and surveillance, search and rescue operations, medical evacuation of the sick and wounded.

Today, within the framework of the Peacekeeping Mission of Ukraine, the 12th rotation of 246 military personnel lasts.

Rotation 12 is underway with a total of 246 servicemen.

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