Ukraine Set a New Export Record

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Ukraine Set a New Export Record

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive, Ukraine exported goods/electricity for $4.14 billion

The war has made adjustments to the growing Ukrainian exports. However, Ukrainian producers are increasing their capacities, so a military record was set in September. For the first time since February, enterprises have exported goods abroad worth $4.14 billion. This is the best result in 7 months of the war. Ukrainian entrepreneurs managed to earn almost $1 billion more than in August. Not only profits but also the number of orders increased. In September, requests for the purchase of Ukrainian goods increased by 32%. In August, exports abroad amounted to 7.29 million tons, and in September – 9.66 million tons. Metal products, grain, and sunflower oil became the most popular goods for export. Also, the profit of $4.14 billion included the export of electric power.

These data were published on the website of the Ministry of the economy of Ukraine. The Ministry says that exports began to grow in July. For Ukraine, creating capacity and building relationships on the international market is important.

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