Ukraine Set to Produce About 2 Million Drones This Year

by Cheplyk Roman
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Ukraine Set to Produce About 2 Million Drones This Year

This year, Ukraine is poised to significantly ramp up its drone production, potentially reaching up to 2 million units

Efforts are currently underway to expand relevant production capacities to meet this ambitious goal.

Hanna Gvozdyar, Deputy Minister for Strategic Industries, highlighted this development during a telethon broadcast. She emphasized the pressing demand from the Ukrainian military for drones, a demand that outstrips the financial capacity of Ukraine alone, even with the support of international partners.

"We are actively working on enhancing our drone manufacturing capabilities," Gvozdiar remarked. She responded to skepticism regarding President Volodymyr Zelensky's earlier statement about producing a million drones, affirming that production capabilities have already surpassed this figure.

"I am confident that we will hit the 2 million mark this year," Gvozdiar added, underscoring Ukraine's strategic push in drone technology.

Furthermore, the construction of a factory for producing Bayraktar drones is in progress in Ukraine. Haluk Bayraktar, the CEO of Turkish company Baykar, revealed plans for the facility to manufacture around 120 drones annually.

Previously, it was reported that Baykar is investing $100 million in three projects within Ukraine. Additionally, 38 companies from 19 different countries have joined a new defense alliance initiated by Ukraine, leading to 20 agreements being signed with international partners.

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