Ukraine Simplifies Entry of Plant Protection Products for Scientific Studies

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Monday, September 27, 2021

The parliament of Ukraine has facilitated the procedure of importing samples of innovative agrochemicals and pesticides for scientific and state testing

According to an Ukrinform correspondent report, the draft law On Amendments to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine On Pesticides and Agrochemicals was adopted in the second reading and by a total of 291 votes.

As noted in the explanatory note, the purpose of the act lays in improving the legislative regulations of the entry and use in Ukraine of crop protection products whose registration has expired. The document provides for the elimination of conflicts of legal norms regulating the import and application of pesticides, allowing the usage, storage, trade, advertising and transportation of product rests within two years after the expiration of their registration.

It is expected that the adopted changes to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine On Pesticides and Agrochemicals will create the opportunity for research and state testing of single samples of innovative plant treatment agents imported in very limited quantities for these purposes, as well as significantly reduce both the environmental impact and the expenses of farmers for crop health conservation. In addition to this, commonly found abuse of power by regulatory authorities during routine inspections of compliance with plant protection legislation may be taken under control.

The draft law on chemical fertilizers and pesticides sparked the debate among people’s deputies and members of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations. However, Viktor Pohorily, the representative of the Agro-Economic Committee of the European Business Association and the European Plant Protection Association in Ukraine considers it unfounded. According to the expert, the legislation of Ukraine safeguards against any possible threats. The transparent and clear procedure of import and use of such products, which includes reports on its different stages ensures its safety. He is also supported by Mykola Kucher, a people's deputy from the European Solidarity political party, who is convinced that this draft legislative bill contributes to the scientific and technological development and progress of the state.

In any event, the introduced amendments make Ukraine open for international interaction and cooperation in this sector.

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