Ukraine Stops Russian Gas Transit

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, June 22, 2023
Ukraine Stops Russian Gas Transit

At the end of 2024, a 5-year contract with "Gazprom" expires and Ukraine will not renew it

Today, only 1 Ukrainian gas pipeline serves to transit Russian gas to Europe. Energy minister of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko said that at the end of next year, the contract between Ukraine and Gazprom expires, and Ukraine will not renew it.

"I really can't imagine how this bilateral decision can be made. I can tell you that we are preparing our system for supply cuts," Herman Galushchenko.

According to ICIS, the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in May was 50% for Austria and 95% for Slovakia. However, the Ministry of energy is confident that Europe is ready to do without Russian gas since countries already had to adapt to new conditions last winter. We remind you that Russia stopped gas supplies for manipulative purposes last year, and European countries switched to alternative sources and their own production.

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