Ukraine — the Largest Honey Exporter in Europe

by Mila Glushchenko
Friday, October 1, 2021
Ukraine — the Largest Honey Exporter in Europe

Export of Ukrainian honey goes to a new level and receives prize awards at international exhibitions

You have probably heard that Ukraine is famous all over the world for the production of organic products. Many countries appreciated the uniqueness and taste of our honey, therefore, Ukraine ranks second among the world's leading exporters of honey.

Export of honey from Ukraine for 11 months of 2020 reached an absolute record — 69.8 thousand tons with a total value of $117.5 million.

The uniqueness of Ukrainian honey lies in its beneficial properties, because our producers value quality the most and make honey as natural as possible, without the addition of chemicals and flavorings.

Moreover, Ukrainian beekeepers have taken care of lovers of original tastes and come up with a huge number of flavor variations of honey. Honey has become so popular that it is used in many products. Among the new products are honey mixes, various sauces with the addition of honey, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics (soaps, scrubs, deodorants, etc.), honey drinks, etc.

According to the results of the London Honey Awards 2021, which took place in May this year, 10 types of honey from seven Ukrainian producers received prizes. According to international honey experts, appearance, consistency, smell and taste deserve the highest praise. The product was evaluated in a "blind" way, which means evaluating without packaging and any characteristic features, which guaranteed the fairness of the competition.

Ukrainian honey is marked with the following names:

  • Vesela Bdzhilka by Easy Energy LLC — gold;
  • Bdzholyna Sadyba Meadows by Bdzholyna Sadyba — gold;
  • Bdzholyna Sadyba Wild honey by Bdzholyna Sadyba—gold;
  • BeeCool Mountain Flowers by BeeCool — gold;
  • James Bee by James Bee — gold;
  • BeeCool Reserve Wild Forest by BeeCool—silver;
  • Charivna Bzz Herbs by Charivna Bzz — silver;
  • Honey Heritage Grandfather's Fairytale by Honey Heritage — silver;
  • Honey Heritage Secret of the Forest by Honey Heritage — silver;
  • Honey Heritage Family Legacy by Honey Heritage — bronze.

Recently, Ukrainian producers of honey and beekeeping products were given the opportunity to import their products to Qatar. The Qatari certificate creates new economic opportunities for Ukrainian companies, in particular for our powerful food exports.

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