Ukraine to Launch “eTutyun” Portal for Tobacco Product Transparency

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Ukraine to Launch “eTutyun” Portal for Tobacco Product Transparency

In a significant move to enhance transparency and control within the tobacco industry, Ukraine is set to launch the “eTobacco” portal in February 2025

This initiative aims to provide comprehensive information on the ingredients of tobacco products and the emissions resulting from their use.

Key Features of the "eTutyun" Portal

Transparency and Control

  • Ingredient Information: The portal will detail the ingredients of various tobacco products, providing consumers with crucial information.
  • Emission Data: Information on the emissions resulting from the use of these products will also be available, promoting informed choices.

State Control and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control: The portal will enable the Ukrainian government to monitor and control the quality of tobacco products available in the market.
  • Producer and Importer Registry: A clear list of producers and importers of tobacco products in Ukraine will be maintained, aiding in regulatory oversight and combating the black market.

Synchronization with European Standards

  • Future Integration: Plans are in place to synchronize the "eTutyun" system with the European system, ensuring compliance with international standards and facilitating cross-border regulatory cooperation.

Government and WHO Involvement

  • Government Initiative: The launch of "eTutyun" is a government-led effort to implement effective control mechanisms and ensure product compliance with accepted European standards.
  • WHO Endorsement: The World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the harmful substances in tobacco products and has urged governments worldwide to strengthen their regulation. This initiative aligns with WHO's recommendations.

Expected Impact

  • Consumer Awareness: By providing detailed information on tobacco products, the portal is expected to enhance consumer awareness and promote healthier choices.
  • Market Regulation: The clear registry of producers and importers will aid in reducing the circulation of illicit tobacco products, thereby supporting legal businesses and protecting public health.

The "eTobacco" portal represents a forward-thinking approach by the Ukrainian government to regulate the tobacco industry more effectively and protect public health. As the launch date approaches, further details and updates are anticipated to ensure a smooth implementation and integration with European standards.

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