Ukraine to Legalise Same-Sex Marriages

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Ukraine to Legalise Same-Sex Marriages

A draft law on civil partnerships of persons of the same sex registered in the Ukrainian parliament 

People's deputy Inna Sovsun told on her social networks page about the registration of the law on the rights of same-sex couples in Ukraine. The politician submitted the relevant document to the Parliament. The project was developed by the politician together with LGBT representatives. According to the text, same-sex couples can have rights:

  • Marriage registration;
  • Obtaining a divorce;
  • Have social protection and other rights.

The bill also deals with inheritance issues and partner obligations related to partner death or disappearance. The procedure of marriage will be available even through the state portal Diia. According to the text of the draft law, it would not cover adoption and guardianship. To settle this issue, another document will be created.

It should be noted that both civilians and the military will be able to register the partnership.

"I talk to the LGBT military, and I hear about their problems. I am convinced that, as a society, we must correct a great injustice when some citizens have fewer rights than others," said Inna Sovsun.

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