Ukraine Will Be Heard: “Meta” Released “Twitter” Analog

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Ukraine Will Be Heard: “Meta” Released “Twitter” Analog

The new application "Threads" will be an alternative for users after recent changes in Elon Mask's social network 

Since Mask bought Twitter, there have been a lot of changes to the social network. The microblog began to demand payment for the verification sign for users and two-stage authentication of the user. In addition, the microblog code was changed, which blocked the dissemination of information about the situation in Ukraine and removed restrictions from the state profile of the aggressor country. Users of the network can actually get all information about the war of Russia in Ukraine from representatives of Russia. At this time, all information about what is happening in Ukraine, in reality, has a dangerous label in the code of recommendations to readers, like several fakes, harassment and insults.

Therefore Meta reacted to this change in the widespread network and created an alternative app for users to use for short text posts. The new application will be called Threads. It will have fewer restrictions and support freedom of expression (except for bullying, etc.). 

"Share your point of view," is the motto of the new app.

Threads users can write short texts, publish them online, and share the opinions of others in their profiles. Also, the application can be synchronized with a profile on Instagram.

On June 6, it will already be possible to save you a new application from Meta. Early Access has already been uploaded by over 10.000 people looking for an alternative to the changed Twitter.

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