Ukraine Will Finally Get Tanks

by Olha Povalaieva
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Ukraine Will Finally Get Tanks

The UK became the first state that decided to transfer lethal weapons to Ukraine

Rishi Sunak and Ben Wallace stated that the brutal Russian war against the population of Ukraine obliges states to increase support for our state. Therefore, Great Britain was the first to advocate the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine — tanks.

"The UK was the first European nation to donate lethal aid to Ukraine and we are committed to match or exceed last year's funding in 2023," the MoD.

According to the Ministry of defence of the UK, the royal has allocated £2.3 billion of lethal aid for Ukraine. Our state will soon receive Challenger 2.

"As part of a package of significant combat power to accelerate Ukrainian success, the UK will send a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine."

The UK lethal package includes:

  • 14 units of Challenger 2 tanks;
  • 30 units of AS90 guns;
  • 100 units of armoured vehicles;
  • dozens of UAVs;
  • 100.000 artillery shells;
  • 100 missiles;
  • spare parts to support Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles.

During Ben Wallace's press conference after the tragedy in Dnipro, the minister said that in 2023, British military instructors will train 20.000 Ukrainian soldiers. On January 16, the training of Ukrainian soldiers on Challenger 2 tanks began at the military base, which will soon defend Ukraine. The exercises will last 5 weeks.

It also became known that Australian military instructors will also join the new educational mission.

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