Ukraine’s Achievements in Chicken Export

Thursday, February 10, 2022
Ukraine’s Achievements in Chicken Export

Ukraine turned into the 3-largest supplier of chicken in the EU

Ukrainian producers actively export chicken abroad. The volume of transported goods to other countries has made Ukraine one of the world leaders in the sphere of exporters of chicken.

That puts Ukraine in fifth place among world leaders in chicken exports. Brazil, the EU, Thailand, and Turkey are also here.

The top rating, Brazil, exported 4.550 million tons in 2021. On the other hand, Turkey has slightly surpassed us — 470.000 tons.

Since 2020, the rating of Ukrainian meat production on the global market has been raised due to poultry meat. More in-house meat gods were delivered to the Middle East, European Union, and CIS countries this year. The share of EU countries in value measurement was 20%.

Besides, there has been a change of leader in the list of the largest importers of domestic meat.

The Netherlands, which has led the top-10 for 3 consecutive years since 2017, has lost to Saudi Arabia. This Middle Eastern country buys only chicken meat from our homeland, starting with only 28 tons in 2015 for $34.000. In 2020 Ukraine delivered to Saudi Arabia 83.000 tons of chicken meat amounted to $136 million.

According to the expert, the shares of the Netherlands (13.9%), the United Arab Emirates (8.3%), Azerbaijan (5.2%), and Kazakhstan (4.1%) are also significant.

Altogether, the above-mentioned countries reportedly accumulated about 59% of the Ukrainian meat trade worldwide.

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