Ukraine’s Grain Exports Near 50 Million Tons for Current Season

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 21, 2024
Ukraine’s Grain Exports Near 50 Million Tons for Current Season

Ukraine’s agricultural export volume has significantly increased compared to the previous marketing year

As of June 21, Ukraine has exported 49.54 million tons of grain and leguminous crops since the beginning of the 2023/24 fiscal year (FY). This represents a marked improvement over the same period last year, according to "APK-Inform."

Key Export Figures

In June alone, Ukraine shipped 2.608 million tons of these crops. This contrasts with the same period last year, where 3.087 million tons were shipped by June 26, contributing to a total of 48.424 million tons.

Breakdown by Crop

  • Corn: 28.416 million tons (1.37 million tons in June)
  • Wheat: 18.123 million tons (686 thousand tons in June)
  • Barley: 2.461 million tons (75 thousand tons in June)
  • Rye: 1.6 thousand tons

Flour Exports

Ukrainian flour exports have seen a decline. As of June 21, flour exports stood at 96.7 thousand tons, down from 151 thousand tons last year. In June, 4.2 thousand tons of flour were exported.

Market Implications

This surge in grain exports underscores Ukraine's pivotal role in global agricultural markets, despite ongoing challenges. The increase in export volume is a positive indicator of the resilience and capacity of Ukraine's agricultural sector. However, the decline in flour exports suggests potential areas for market improvement and resource allocation.

For stakeholders in the agricultural and logistics sectors, these figures highlight the importance of continued support and development to maintain and enhance export capabilities.


Ukraine's near-record grain export volumes for the current marketing year demonstrate the country's robust agricultural output and strategic significance in global food supply chains. Continued monitoring and support for the sector will be crucial to sustaining and building on these achievements.

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