Ukraine’s Seaborne Exports Return to Pre-War Levels

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 8, 2024
Ukraine’s Seaborne Exports Return to Pre-War Levels

In January 2024, Ukraine successfully restored its pre-war seaborne export volumes, leveraging the operational Ukrainian maritime corridor

Dmytro Solomchuk, a Member of Parliament, shared this development on his Telegram channel, highlighting the significant achievement in revitalizing the nation's export capabilities amidst ongoing challenges.

The newly established grain corridor has seen over 660 ships transporting approximately 20 million tons of goods to 32 countries worldwide, with agricultural products constituting 70% of these shipments. This resurgence in maritime activity underscores the critical role of Ukraine's agricultural sector on the global stage.

Additionally, the implementation of an export insurance project against military risks, focusing on insuring vessels entering Ukrainian ports, has contributed to this success. The initiative ensures the safety and security of maritime operations, encouraging further international trade engagements.

This milestone comes alongside the government's renewed support for the agricultural sector, including the restoration of subsidies for livestock maintenance and the introduction of assistance programs for farmers in recently liberated areas.

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