Ukrainian Agrarian Export to the EU

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 11, 2022
Ukrainian Agrarian Export to the EU

Ukraine is the fourth-largest  supplier of agricultural products

Among the importing countries of agricultural output, Ukraine is fourth on the list. Goods were delivered to the European countries and rated by January-October 2021. Ukraine is also 14th among countries that consume agricultural products from the EU countries.

Ukrainian farming items amounted to $24.4 billion in January-November 2021 is the highest in the history of independent Ukraine. Thus, the supply volume of Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU amounted to €5.27 billion, which is 12.4% higher than last year.

The number of goods imported by Ukraine from the EU countries boosted to €2.48 billion, 7.2% more than last year.

According to the European Commission, the total quantity of trade in farm goods in their countries for the reporting period raised by 6% compared with the period from January to October 2020, and amounted to €268 billion.

But what does Ukraine export?

Crops are the most expected of all food groups. Then there are fats and oils, finished edible fats, waxes, seeds and oilseeds, straw and forage, meat and edible co-products, milk and dairy products, poultry eggs, natural honey.

The total amount of the top 10 is 85% of all the exported food and agricultural outfit:

  1. Sunflower oil;
  2. Maize;
  3. Wheat;
  4. Rape or rye;
  5. Soybeans;
  6. Barely;
  7. Poultry meat;
  8. Sugar;
  9. Chocolate;
  10. Soy oil.

This year also renewed the record for the export of fruit-berry products due to an increase in sales abroad of frozen fruit and berries. The volume of exports also reached a historical record of 73.000 tons.

Export of Ukrainian pasta products — 35.000 tons since the beginning of the year — reached the highest level.

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