Ukrainian Agro-Industrial Holding Increased Sowing of Winter Wheat

by Anna Gayduk
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Ukrainian Agro-Industrial Holding Increased Sowing of Winter Wheat

“AGROTRADE Group” has completed the sowing campaign of winter crops in 2022 and raised their amounts by more than a quarter

Wheat began to be sown in the first half of September in the Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions and the work was completed in the fields of the Sumy region.

The press service of the company informed about the process.

It is noted that this year AGROTRADE has increased the area under winter wheat to 19.3 thousand hectares, which is almost 4 thousand hectares or 26% more than last year. In addition to wheat, 6.7 thousand hectares are allocated for winter rapeseed, 930 hectares for barley, and 500 hectares for rye. This year the company sowed winter crops on almost 30 thousand hectares in Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Poltava regions.

The company reportedly sowed organic winter spelt for the first time, purchasing seeds from Austrian and domestic producers. About 300 hectares were allocated for the new crop in the Kharkiv region.

“Winter wheat gives stable results from year to year, we know how to work with it and get good yields. For us, this is a high-margin culture. In addition, it is a good predecessor and an increase in the sowing area will allow us to reduce the load during the spring sowing season,” explains Oleksandr Ovsianyk, director of the agro-industrial department of AGROTRADE.

According to him, the current conditions for sowing winter crops were excellent: the soil was moist and the temperatures were favorable. As a standard, before sowing winter crops, the company's employees performed deep disking and stubble cultivation. In addition, an autumn insecticidal protection was carried out.

Recall that as of November 1, Ukrainian agrarians sowed winter crops on 7.09 million hectares of area or 90% of the forecast of 7.84 million hectares. The farmers are also completing the sowing of winter rape, which was sown to 1.02 million hectares, or 99% of the forecast.

AGROTRADE Group is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding with a complete cycle (production, processing, storage and trade of agricultural products). Its land bank is 70.5 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, and Kharkiv regions.

The main areas of activity of the company are the production of cereals, legumes, and oilseeds, storage and processing of grain, seed production and trading. AGROTRADE Group includes six agricultural clusters, nine grain elevators, and grain-receiving enterprises. The holding employs about 1.5 thousand people.

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