Ukrainian App Entered the Top 10 Educational Apps in 13 Countries

by Anna Gayduk
Thursday, November 11, 2021

“Headway”, a Ukrainian summary of books app, was included in the top ten in the “Education” category of the Apple Store in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa

Headway is an educational app that allows its users read a book in 15 minutes. It contains a summary and main ideas of 1000+ non-fiction publications about business, motivation and psychology.

Headway is an EdTech project that is part of the ecosystem of the international IT holding Genesis. Its main product, an educational application, was created in March 2019 to help people around the world learn and develop on their own. In two years, it was downloaded by more than 7 million users from 140 countries, and the startup team has grown 30 times.

Since early November, Headway has remained in the platform's top 10 education apps in the UK, India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, Cambodia, Qatar, UAE, Indonesia, Ireland and Singapore.

Throughout 2021, Headway also remains the top leader in terms of the number of downloads in its niche.

The Education category contains the third largest number of apps in the Apple Store after games and business. In total, more than 482.000 educational applications are available in the store; Apple displays no more than 200 applications on the screens of the top selections in different countries.

As evidenced by the data of the analytical platform Sensor Tower, for the first time the app outstripped its main competitor, the German company Blinkist, back in September 2020.

“This is the achievement of the whole team, because the vital foundation of Headway is people. We believe in the power of self-development and create incredible things. This is what allowed us to grow from 3 people in a startup to 90 in 2 years, and this is just the beginning,” comments Anton Pavlovskiy, CEO and founder of Headway.

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