Ukrainian app “Obimy” received investment at an estimate of $2 million

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Ukrainian app “Obimy” received investment at an estimate of $2 million

“Obimy”, a Ukrainian application for communication between partners and loved ones, has attracted investments

It is noted that the investment came from business angel Olia Nikitova.

According to Obimy representatives, the startup's valuation at the time of attracting investments is $ 2 million, which is almost three times higher than the previous estimate.

The team will use the funds raised to develop the Obimy application based on a completely new prototype, marketing expenses, and launching a test of the application in the United States and South Korea.

In addition, part of the investment will go towards preparing for Round A, which the team plans to raise partly in the United States, partly in Asia.

In 2020, Obimy received a $25,000 investment from the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

“We have significantly changed the approach to the new interface and already have a large user base, we will define the main value for them in Obimy. We have also strengthened our team,” comments Zhenya Zasutsky, founder of Obimy.

What is Obimy?

Obimy (from ukrainian “hug”) is an application for maintaining an emotional connection between relatives. In 2020, it was launched by architect Zhenya Zasutsky and IT company Empat.

In the application, the user can share with his partner pleasant gestures, "touches" and talk about his mood.

Obimy also works based on biometric data recorded by a smartphone - you can see the number of steps taken by a partner, feel the rhythm of the heart.

In addition, the application records the time spent with your partner for a day, month, or year.

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