Ukrainian Application “Drill” on the USA Market

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, August 14, 2023
Ukrainian Application “Drill” on the USA Market

The app will teaches shooting skills through "App Store" and "Google Play"

Drill is a Ukrainian development that teaches you to shoot from different types of weapons without having weapons in your hands. The project is implemented as a smartphone application. Initially, the system was developed by experts from Ukraine and other countries for the military. The startup was supposed to enable all defenders of Ukraine to gain skills in owning weapons. However, over time, exercises became available to civilians. The Drill app is already available in the App Store and Google Play. Initially, the startup was available only for Ukrainian users. From April 2023, Drill became available in Poland. 

Since May 2023, the Ukrainian militech application has entered a large international market. Developers from Ukraine opened an office in Delaware, America. While all the work of the leadership is concentrated in Ukraine, there are no plans for relocation. But Drill will soon have stocks and space to invest.

"The next step is to search for investments and open a bank account, which is quite difficult since opening an account requires the personal presence of the final beneficiaries," the startup authors said.

Already more than 40.000 users use the Ukrainian application. The average training time for shooting from different types of weapons is 35 minutes a day. Interestingly, Drill can develop high shooting skills.

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