Ukrainian Army’ll Receive French Rifles and Grenade Launchers

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 13, 2023
Ukrainian Army’ll Receive French Rifles and Grenade Launchers

French "Verney-Carron" by "Cybergun" and Ukrainian "Ukroboronexport" signed €36 mln contract 

The Ukrainian company with the right to import and export military products Ukroboronexport has entered into an agreement with the French arms manufacturer Cybergun: its subsidiary company Verney-Carron will provide weapons to the armed forces of Ukraine:

  • 10.000 assault rifles;
  • 2.000 sniper rifles;
  • 400 grenade launchers.

The cost of assistance under the agreement is €36 million. In addition, such cooperation will affect the development of the defence industry in the context of Ukrainian-French relations.

Now Verney-Carron has to obtain the necessary permits for the import and export of weapons from France to Ukraine. Then the planned delivery – the first half of 2024, not earlier than 6 months after obtaining permits. The implementation of the agreement with Ukroboronexport will take up to 10 months. One of the tasks is to adapt the production capacities. 

Note that Cybergun has been helping Kyiv since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Since then, the shares of the French company have grown by 76%, partly due to the contract with Ukraine.

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