Ukrainian Biathlete Got into the Top 15 Races of the World Cup

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 13, 2021
Ukrainian Biathlete Got into the Top 15 Races of the World Cup

Kyiv. December 13th. Several Ukrainian women took part in the pursuit of the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen, UNN( Ukrainian Information Agency ) reports about the Ukrainian Biathlon Federation


Most of all, Olena Bilosyuk, who became the only one hundred percent sniper in the race, was surprised by her work on the shooting range. She shot slowly (only 53 rates of fire) and could not demonstrate the best speeds on the track, but perfect shooting provided very high-quality progress in the pursuit from 24th to 13th.

Unfortunately, Julia Dzhima continued to have problems with shooting, which appeared on the eve during the relay race. In general, the current Ukrainian national team leader had to enter the penalty loop seven times, which eventually resulted in 49th place at the finish after 15th position in the sprint.

The victory was won by the Norwegian Marthe Royseland, followed by the Belarusian Anna Sola, and the bronze was won by Elvira Edberg (Sweden).

Olena Bilosyuk—Ukrainian biathlete, Olympic champion 2014 in the relay, world champion in the sprint in 2013, 5-time European champion, European champion in 2009 in the relay, silver medalist of the European Championship among juniors (2007), bronze medalist of the World Championship among juniors (2006, individual race), winner and medalist of the World Cup stages in biathlon in relay races. She was awarded the Order of Princess Olga I, II, and III degrees.

World Cup performances:

  • Debut in the World Cup — March 2, 2007, Flag of Finland Kontiolahti, sprint — 44th place;
  • First hit in the points zone — December 4, 2008, Swedish flag Östersund, individual race — 27th place;
  • First podium — January 7, 2009, Flag of Germany Oberhof, relay — 1st place;
  • First personal podium — December 1, 2012, Swedish Flag Östersund, sprint — 2nd place.

Jima Julia—Ukrainian biathlete. Olympic champion in 2014 in the relay, three-time medalist of the World Championships, winner of the World Cup stages, the five-time European champion. 


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