Ukrainian Book — Nominee for the Worldwide Prize

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Ukrainian Book — Nominee for the Worldwide Prize

The book of the Ukrainian printing house was included in the range of “Gourmand Awards”

Gourmand Awards is a worldwide competition dedicated to selecting and awarding the best-printed publications on the culture of eating and drinking. This award has been given every year since 1995. Only one book can represent the country at the Gourmand Awards every year.

In 2021, the Ukrainian book Ukraine. Food and History were submitted in requests to participate. The Ukrainian book won two awards: The History of Cooking, Eastern European countries.

The award organizers note that it is rather challenging to get into the shortlist, even one of the categories. The Ukrainian cooking publication with historical facts claims two awards at once. It was possible thanks to the teamwork of specialists of the Ukrainian institute together with the Yizhakultura — an educational plan in the cuisine culture sphere. It was created with the help of cookers and explorers of cuisine studios in Ukraine.

The most popular and rare recipes can be found in the publication. They come along with stories about the hospitableness of the country, the appearance of recipes of Tatar, who lived in Crimea in Ukraine, and other unique stories. Ukraine. Food and History are published in two languages: Ukrainian and English. You can also find it on the official page of the Ukrainian Institute. A prestigious work highlights the variety of dishes in the country. Notably, it is the first publication of this type in Ukraine that covers food crops under the prism of country and provincial taste preferences.

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