Ukrainian Children: Mothers Gave Birth to Them. Russians Killed Them

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 31, 2023
Ukrainian Children: Mothers Gave Birth to Them. Russians Killed Them

Since February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation killed 483 children in Ukraine

As of May 26 2023, the aggressor country had changed the lives of all children in Ukraine, permanently ending childhood for 483 children of different ages and sexes (not including yet unborn children who died in utero), and 985 suffered injuries of varying severity. The highest number of child victims remains in the Donetsk region — 462. The occupiers also injured 278 children in Kharkiv, 128 in Kyiv, 102 in Kherson, 91 in Zaporizhzhia, and 89 in Mykolaiv regions. It is noteworthy that the Luhansk region, which was entirely occupied by the Russian Federation, records a smaller number of child victims (67) than the Dnipro region (71), which the occupiers have heavily attacked over the past month.

It is worth noting that the Dnipro city and region have become a hub for refugees, as it is closest to Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia regions. The regional council reports that 387 children immigrants applied for help in Dnipro hospitals during the war. 133 children were hospitalised and rehabilitated with injuries from Russian mines and explosions.

Every day the Russian army terrorises the cities, leaving a mark on the psyche of Ukrainian children forever. Recently, the network stirred up a video taken during the mass morning missile strikes on Kyiv on April 29. The video shows the children being unable to reach the shelter before the explosions begin. The hum from the explosions and the screams of the children are mixed into a terrible picture.

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