Invaders Can Only Fool a Child

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 27, 2022
Invaders Can Only Fool a Child

In the hands of the puppets: special service of the Russian Federation launched an app game for Ukrainian children and intelligence activities

The Russian authorities continue to wage an unfair war against Ukraine. The security service of Ukraine discovered a smartphone game that works no worse than enemy drones. The development is owned by an IT company, which is controlled by the special services of Russia.

Agressor has attracted Ukrainian children to intelligence activities. Russia has created a game, thanks to which the Russian military got geolocation and photo of the military and strategic objects of Ukraine. The popular game program sent the participants of the game a task. Each time children looked for so-called virtual prizes. Russia encouraged to search for prizes because the gift can be exchanged for real electronic money.

The children took a certain route and took pictures of the places. In the routes were often present military objects and places of critical infrastructure. The game is distributed in different localities. All information from the participants' locations was downloaded and stored in the game application database.

The terrible scheme was discovered after the detention of two children who took pictures of Ukrainian military checkpoints in the Kirovohrad region. Their phones also found photographs of grain elevators and routes.

At present, the security service of Ukraine is taking measures to prohibit and block this game in Ukraine.

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