Ukrainian Coat of Arm at “Burning Man 2022”

Lithuanian-American camp “Amber Dust” created an installation with a Ukrainian coat of arm 

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The Burning Man festival is annually held in the desert Black Rock. Participants of the festival create sculptures that are burned on the last day. But the state of Nevada has never seen such symbolic sculptures or changes in regulations since 1986. One of the slogans of the event — is maximum self-expression and civic responsibility.

The Lithuanian-American team Amber Dust created the Freedom Trident art object dedicated to Ukraine. The sculpture exactly reproduces the form of the Ukrainian coat of arms. The installation is made of plywood and assembled on the principle of honeycomb. Its height almost reaches 5 m. It is noted that usually, all sculptures are burned on the last day of the event, but this year each participant of the festival can take with him a particle of Ukrainian courage and fury. Therefore, the installation will be dismantled and presented to the Ukrainian diaspora of Southern California.

"We chose the coat of arms of Ukraine, which is believed to have emerged as a patrimonial symbol, the synthesis of divine elements of fire and water in the manifested world. 3 points, 3 worlds, and a trinity are always present in human mythology and culture. Today, the trident is a symbol of unity and freedom. A symbol of perseverance and determination, a symbol of the struggle for freedom and democracy. The wisdom of the trident is universal," said the installation's creators.

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