Ukrainian Company to Provide Meals on Trains in Georgia

Friday, July 2, 2021
Ukrainian Company to Provide Meals on Trains in Georgia

WOG, providing catering services in high-speed trains in Ukraine, will also soon provide drinks and food to passengers of high-speed trains in Georgia

According to the Centre for Transport Strategies, the Ukrainian company won the tender of the Georgian railway, which was held on June 15 this year. 

According to the results of the tender, WOG CAFE services were found to meet all the qualification criteria of the customer, so the company will become an operator of food and beverage machines in seven trains.

Vending machines for providing passengers with water, sweet, carbonated beverages, as well as snacks and confectionery will be installed in Georgian trains.

Seven trains, which run in three directions will be served: Tbilisi — Batumi — Tbilisi, Tbilisi — Poti — Tbilisi and Tbilisi — Zugdi — Tbilisi.

Earlier WOG in collaboration with Do&Co began to provide baby food in high-speed trains in Ukraine. 

On June 3, the prime ministers of Georgia and Ukraine met to establish business contacts between the countries, as well as to consider the integration of Georgia and Ukraine into the EU.

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