Ukrainian Farmers Who Use Developed Lands to Get 25% Cost Recovery

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Thursday, October 14, 2021
Ukrainian Farmers Who Use Developed Lands to Get 25% Cost Recovery

Modernization of the land irrigation system will contribute to increasing productivity and economy of the country

On October 11, 2021, during an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, the procedure for providing state support to producers who use developed land was approved.

According to prime minister Denys Shmygal, the state reimburses 25% of the costs to those agricultural producers who have installed or modernized irrigation systems on their farms. It is noted that the modernization of the land irrigation system in the southern regions of Ukraine will increase their yields at least twice, which will contribute to GDP growth and job creation. This year, the non-refundable subsidy for farmers under the relevant program will amount to nearly $1.9 million.

"Improvement of such lands is one of the key elements of increasing the yield of our farmers to the level of advanced countries, which means increasing export earnings, the number of jobs, and reinvestments in the economy. That is why the government has decided to allocate funds to Ukrainian farmers who implement appropriate irrigation technologies. This is an investment in increasing the productivity of the economy and the future of the country," said the prime minister.

The official also stressed that the Ministry of agrarian policy has a task to launch pilot projects in the field of land development on the basis of public-private partnership.

In order to increase soil fertility, large-scale development measures have been implemented particularly in arid regions of Ukraine. In the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the southern regions of Ukraine large irrigation systems have been built, which are an independent branch of land development and water management in the agro-industrial complex.

The main task of land development is to carry out organizational and economic measures to improve agricultural lands and transform unfavorable natural conditions into optimal ones in order to increase soil fertility, obtain high and sustainable yields, rational use of water resources, protect them from pollution, clogging and depletion. 

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