Ukrainian Flag Above Everest For The 5th Time

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Ukrainian Flag Above Everest For The 5th Time

Champion of Ukraine in mountaineering climbed to the highest world point and set the blue-yellow flag with United24" symbolic

A Ukrainian climber Valentyn Sypavin for the 5th time, conquered the most dangerous mountain on the planet. Now abnormally cold, too much snow fell on Everest. But Valentyn Sypavin still went to beat the top, associating such difficulties with the fate of Ukraine. The event was dedicated to Ukrainian residents, partners, donors, and United24 donors.

Therefore, the blue-yellow flag is decorated with the Ukrainian arms of coat Tryzub and the United24 logo, which has already joined 16 famous persons from other countries. Let us recall that the United24 platform was established a year ago, its activities aim to support the country that suffers from Russian military aggression.

After the flag of Ukraine passed the hard way with the champion and was set at the top of 8848.86 m, it was removed. The flag from Everest is planned to be presented to one of the ambassadors, United24. The owner of a unique flag will be selected by raffle later.

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