Ukrainian Goods on the American Market

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 24, 2021
Ukrainian Goods on the American Market

Ukrainian goods have a relatively low-cost price with high quality, which makes them competitive in the US market

According to the US customs service data, at the end of 8 months of 2020, container exports from Ukraine to the United States amounted to $540 million. Americans export from Ukraine goods of forty-three commodity groups, which 66 Ukrainian companies produce.

Thanks to its production base and extensive investments of American companies abroad, the basis of imports in the United States falls on final and intermediate products, the level of the added value of which significantly exceeds the added value of raw materials and agricultural products.

Understanding the structure of exports to the United States of each supplying country makes it possible to assess the degree of competitiveness and growth potential of each product group.

The growth of Ukrainian exports are supported by the sale of sunflower oil of various forms, the production of self-propelled vehicles, and power units for the aviation industry. The 25% increase in the supply of ethnic food products for retail sale in 2020 is driven by lower production costs and the availability of a raw material base. 

The volumes of supplies of steel pipes by Ukrainian enterprises are being restored. The growth in the collection of natural honey from Ukraine is due to the loss of positions by competitors India and Vietnam, difficulties in clearly defining the country of origin and calculating the duty rate for supplies from these countries.

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