Ukrainian Government Combats Food Fraud

by Anna Gayduk
Monday, November 1, 2021
Ukrainian Government Combats Food Fraud

The state took respective legislative measures

Food counterfeiting is known as the presentation of products as other ones for economic gain or unethical purposes.

Counterfeiting food and beverage products is a problem that has grown as low-cost production and global distribution opened the door to unscrupulous manufacturers. Complaints and products seized by authorities show the scale of the problem – with consumers unwittingly paying for cheap imitations, but receiving less than they bargained for, sometimes putting their health at risk.

Although counterfeiting has always been a global issue, it’s now at a record high. What’s worse is that counterfeiters are using high-tech, customised machinery to produce top-quality goods, which are extremely difficult to tell apart from genuine articles.

At a meeting on October 28, the government of Ukraine approved a draft law that establishes additional requirements for labeling and sales of food products and improves the current legislation in this area. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine.

As specified, the bill provides, in particular, the introduction of new definitions and additions to norms aimed at combating food counterfeiting, improving the current legislation on the activities of market operators, which is related to the production and/or introduction into circulation of food products of animal origin, registration and adding food additives, flavors, food enzymes, etc. to the list of sanitary measures.

The implementation of the provisions of this draft law will prevent unfair competition in the production of food products, ensure proper traceability of food products, update and supplement the terminology, as well as bring the national legislation of Ukraine in line with the European one.

Earlier, the government introduced European standards for">baby food. They included stricter requirements for both the quality and safety of aliment products for infants and their formal part (advertising, labeling etc.)

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