Ukrainian-Greek NATO Accession Treaty

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, August 25, 2023
Ukrainian-Greek NATO Accession Treaty

The governments of the countries signed a declaration on the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine

The document states that Greece supports the accession of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance. However, to do this, Kyiv must meet all the conditions approved during the summit in Vilnius. It should be noted that at the NATO summit in Vilnius this summer, the participants decided to cancel the implementation of the membership action plan for Ukraine that was in force from 1990-2000. Kyiv will have to implement several reforms: modernise the security and defence systems, strengthen the state administration system and fight against corruption, etc. So, after that, Greece will actively lobby the interests of Ukraine and vote for its entry into the military-political bloc.

"The Greek Republic supports Ukraine's accession to NATO membership when the Alliance members agree and the conditions are met," the Ukrainian-Greek document states.

In addition, the document regulates the countries' relations in terms of support. Greece is ready to provide material, military and technological support to Ukraine. The document says that this is necessary to strengthen the ability of Ukraine to quickly defend its territories. In addition, the government of Greece declared its readiness to participate in a security party for Ukraine and its recovery after the Russian war.

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