Ukrainian Partisans

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 29, 2022
Ukrainian Partisans

Partisans of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv regions undermine bridges and terrify Russians

I remember that Kadyrov promised to catch the most famous partisan of Ukraine, Stepan Bandera. Either because Bandera died in 1959 or because Kadyrov only knows how to make loud statements, but Bandera was still not caught. And the work of the underground warrior came to life. In eastern and southern Ukraine, where Russia's worst atrocities against Ukraine are now taking place, covert guerrilla groups have sprung up to undermine Russian activities.

Let's start with the Zaporizhzhia partisans because Zaporizhzhia is the cradle of Ukrainian Cossacks, the ancestors of the soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, our heroes and pride. For example, on April 28, Zaporizhzhia partisans blew up the railway bridge, through which fuel and weapons were supplied to the Russians from the Crimea. Glory to Ukraine!

“I can officially confirm that the railway bridge in Akimovka, Melitopol district, Zaporizhzhia region, connecting mainland Ukraine with the occupied Crimea, was blown up by Ukrainian partisans!” wrote a journalist and former member of the Ukrainian parliament Ihor Mosiychuk.

It is noteworthy that the partisans are ordinary citizens of Ukraine who have no relation to the army and access to weapons or explosives. However, somehow these people managed to get hold of the components and assemble the device that blew up the motorbike. Definitely do not underestimate the Ukrainian partisans.

Also, in Melitopol, partisans paste leaflets on the windshields of the cars of the invaders with the inscription "Russian occupier — know! Melitopol is Ukraine. Every tenant is a partisan. Wait for it!". The city administration announced this.

Kherson, Kakhovka town. There, unknown Ukrainians paste printouts with the text "Russian occupier! Know! Kakhovka is Ukraine! We are close! Our people are already working here! Death awaits you! Kakhovka is Ukraine!"

Oleksii Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the presidential office, confirmed the existence of self-formed partisan detachments in Ukraine: "Our partisans work there, but they perform their own specific tasks aimed at destroying the enemy."

Who these people are, we do not know. But they bring the victory of Ukraine closer. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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