Ukrainian Pilots Get Behind the Wheel “F-16”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Ukrainian Pilots Get Behind the Wheel “F-16”

Denmark and the Netherlands organise a training program with advanced fighter aircraft for Ukrainians

The head of the Pentagon, Austin, said that at the end of the meeting, Ramstein has not yet decided on the supply of F-16 aircraft, which Kyiv requests. But a European coalition will be created to train Ukrainian pilots. The training program will be held on F-16 fighters. This is the first step in the transfer of the 4th generation aircraft to Ukraine.

Now Ukraine's allies under the US Department of defence are developing a training program. It is already known that the Denmark and Netherlands air forces will lead training for pilots. Belgium, Portugal and Poland will also be involved in training the management of the American multifunctional light aircraft. Lloyd Austin also expressed a desire to attract more allies.

It is known beforehand that it will take several dozen Ukrainian soldiers to train. The program will be designed for at least 4 months.

The speaker of the air force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat said that they will choose young pilots, as they are faster trained in the management of new technologies. Ukrainian pilots have already passed the knowledge assessment for the start of preparations for flights on the F-16 – the United States department of defense conducted testing.

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