Ukrainian Plant Development of 38 New Types of Metallurgy

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Ukrainian Plant Development of 38 New Types of Metallurgy

Mariupol metallurgists started producing 38 new types of products last year

The Azovstal metal factory, located in the eastern microregion of Ukraine, has become a leader in the evolution of new developments.

Until 2021, the factory produced only rails and fastenings, small parts, thick-metal rolling. But even then, the organization could help develop various industries. For example, large metal sheets are used in edifice and engineering for bind structures. Since last year the assortment has expanded and is now able to develop a variety of industries related to building.

Among the new points are steel products for foreign customers. For Finland, the Ukrainian plant produced steel with less than 0.05% residual silicon. Also, Azovstal created a product with a severe restriction of the content of color blend for Belgium. Workers have also been trained in sheet-making techniques more than 5 cm thick. They provided their metal refills with atmospheric rusting resistance, which allowed the product to be sold more widely.

Mariupol Azovstal was not the only factory that expanded its skills. At the ьetallurgical plant was replenished the Ukrainian metallurgical list by 18 points. For example, 2 rolled products with high mechanical" rel="dofollow">properties, stamping, and exceptional conditions for radiators were developed. There are also sheets of galvanized reel zinc coating with a mass of at least 100 g/m².

Note that the 2 factories belong to one international mining and metallurgical company — Metinvest holding.

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