Ukrainian Producers Start Exporting Dairy Products to Kuwait

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Ukrainian Producers Start Exporting Dairy Products to Kuwait

Kuwait has become the fifth country that wants to build a long-term partnership with Ukraine in the supply of milk 

"The Gulf region, in particular Kuwait, is of interest to many Ukrainian food producers. I am pleased to announce that today we have created additional opportunities for them to earn money in this market thanks to the joint work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Food Service. In the long term, this will also strengthen Ukraine's position as a supplier of agricultural and food products to Kuwait," said Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. - не "foreign minister", а Minister of foreign affairs

Specialists from the Middle East and Ukraine have already agreed on the veterinary certificate among themselves. Ukrainian dairy products that inspire confidence in the Middle East are also of interest to countries around the world. Japan, Lebanon, Argentina, and Libya have already opened their export markets.

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