Ukrainian Projects Invited to Poland and Not Only

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 27, 2023
Ukrainian Projects Invited to Poland and Not Only

The "Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge" is ready to allocate $2.2 thousand for the development of the best Ukrainian startups

The organization to promote the most ambitious projects from Ukraine has opened a new set. Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge is looking for startups for development and implementation in Poland and other European Union countries. To become a participant in the project, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and authors of ideas must complete the application by March 13. At the same time, the organization notes that during the consideration of projects will give preference to those that are aimed at assisting in the military recovery of Ukraine, are at the pre-seed or seed stage and are officially registered no more than 60 months. A shortlist of 15 projects will be formed of all the feedback received. They will receive financial support of $2.200, as well as work on the development and final launch of the project. 

15 Ukrainian projects will receive 1/4 of the amount for use at their discretion. Another part of the financial initiative will need to be spent on training: working with mentors. During the training, Ukrainian entrepreneurs will learn how to communicate with investors and improve the project's business plan and financial model. All participants will also get a place to work in Warsaw.

After the training will be held a large-scale presentation of projects within Ukrainian Startups Demo Day. The event will be organized within the Kyiv Tech Hub conference framework, which investors from Central-Eastern Europe will attend.

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